About Us

Celebritybets.co.uk was originally launched in its initial form in September  2009 with the goal of providing celebrity news from around the globe. After many changes it has evolved into its present form, an up to date celebrity news service.

Alice Langley: Editor & Webmaster

As Editor of Celebritybets.co.uk  Alice works on crucial areas of the website including site design, layout and content management. Alice has a degree in journalism from Hull University and also contributes articles.

Contact her at: a.langley@celebritybets.co.uk

Clive Montague: Deputy Editor

Clive graduated from Stoke  University and has a wealth of experience in the local press and has had articles published by a number of well known UK broadsheets. As Deputy Editor, Clive manages the sub editing aspects of the site and manages our team of writers.

Contact him at: c.montague@celebritybets.co.uk

Michael North: Sub-Editor:

Part of what sets Celebritybets.co.uk aside from other sites and blogs is the quality of the work on our pages. The articles published on the site go through a rigorous process to ensure they are up to the high standards the editorial team sets upon itself. Led and organised by Michael North all articles are proof read to make sure they are relevant and up to date, before addition to the site.

Contact him at: m.north@celebritybets.co.uk


The following provide valuable insight, analysis and reaction to the latest news, views and events from celebrity world. Edward Hinton, Paul Bowers, Gareth Williams, Jemma Price

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