Big Brother hits ratings low as Rebeckah faces the chop

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Channel 5 have been rocked by the news that the new series of Big Brother has hit a new ratings low, dipping below 1 million viewers for the first time in the shows history.

A recent episode averaged 900,000 viewers during the hour it was on our television screens which is the smallest amount since it began 2000.

Having been on Channel 4 until this year, ratings for the show were on the decline their too, but the lowest for an episode was 1.5 million in 2009.

There was high hope that the show would be a massive success when viewers peaked at 3 million for the shows launch, although it has had to settle for around 1.4 million on a consistent basis.

Channel 5 will be hoping that the dip below 1 million is just temporary and that they can liven things up in order for the viewing public to return.

As for how the show – which followed a three week celebrity version, won by Paddy Doherty – has played out so far, there has been one eviction with belly dancer Tashie Jackson the first to leave last week.

She left to overwhelming boos from the waiting public having failed to connect with the audience in the opening few days. The favourite to follow her out of the house is Rebeckah Vaughan who is available at 1/4 for the chop.

In the latest battle to stay in the house, she is up against rival Heaven Africa who is an outside bet to be evicted at 3/1. Someone has to go though so it is worth a cheeky bet, that’s for sure! Which of these constantly arguing duo will be packing their bags?

As for the early winners market, 30-year-old Aaron Allard-Morgan is the favourite at 7/2.

Channel 5 will be hopeful that by the time a winner is announced in a few weeks, the ratings would have risen well above 1 million again.

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