Nicola McLean defends fellow Celebrity Big Brother contest Natasha Giggs

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They may have been expected to argue all the time on Celebrity Big Brother, bit Nicola McLean has come out in defence of Natasha Giggs this week.

As soon as the pair met each other on launch night they referred to the ‘pantomime’ reports of their fall-out before the show began and ever since, appear to have forged a close friendship.

Natasha has received plenty of criticism for her public affair with brother-in-law and Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs, but Nicola has been defending her new friend.

Speaking about the wannabe WAG, she said: “I love her, I really do. I’d call her misunderstood because I judged her really badly. But you know what, if we want to talk about her actions then I will judge her, sorry, I still will.”

“If we’re not bringing her into the equation, I’m still gonna judge the story and I don’t give a f*** what anyone says, I judge because I’m human.”

Referring to whether the pair might argue eventually, she continued: “Because I think that I’m known, in previous shows that I’ve done, for being really outspoken, ok? So I think that everyone would have expected me to come in here and to tell her that what she did was morally wrong, which it was.”

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Natalie Cassidy then echoed similar sentiments, saying: “I promise you now that when I heard the story, I said how can a woman have children and husband and then sleep with the son’s uncle? To me that’s unbelievable. I just can’t understand it, I cannot condone that.”

“But she’s amazing, she’s funny, we get on like a house on fire. But I will never say, “now I know you, yeah, that was alright, because that’s not alright.”

You can see how the Natasha bonds with her housemates all this week on Channel 5.

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