Nasty welcome set to greet I’m a Celebrity contestants

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The 2011 I’m A Celebrity contestants are set to be welcomed into the jungle with 10,000 cockroaches.

The celebrities are often eased into meeting each other at the start of the show, but not this year.

A producer of the show said: “We always like to do something big and new for our launch show.”

“This year we are surprising our celebrities with a challenge that isn’t a trial. It will see all of them come into contact with 10,000 cockroaches.

“That will be a big shock for them on day one.”

It certainly will be a big shock for everyone and a sign of things to come as show producers look to make this the toughest year yet.

Elsewhere in I’m A Celebrity news, it has been reported that Freddie Star has failed to enter the jungle with the other contestants.

Referring to the whereabouts of the veteran actor, an ITV statement read: “Breaking news! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Freddie Starr is yet to enter the jungle. Head to for official updates.”

There are no official updates, but an insider revealed: “It is unclear why Freddie never made it. Bosses hope he will still be able to go in but for now only nine contestants will be on the show.”

If Freddie fails to make it, TV Presenter Pat Sharp will stand in.

Finally for now, Mark Wright – star of The Only Way Is Essex and favourite to win the show – has revealed his biggest fear – rats.

He said: “I like to leave the house looking sharp so it’s going to be very hard living without hair products and moisturiser.”

“I hate rats and can’t look at a hamster or guinea pig. If a rat comes near me I’ll cry.”

The first episode is on our TV screens on Sunday at 9m.

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