Pat Sharp speaks about difficult entrance into the I’m A Celebrity jungle

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pat sharp

TV presenter Pat Sharp has spoken about the difficult nature of his entrance to the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

Along with former popstar Sinitta were forced to trek their way into the jungle to join the other celebrities on the show.

Speaking about the experience, Sharp said: “It was very hard, really hard. Much harder that I thought.”

“The harness doesn’t really help. I’m glad I did it in one go. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Dinner and bed. It’ll be just like being at home.”

Sinitta on the other hand loved the trek into the jungle, saying that she wanted it to go on for longer.

She said: “It was amazing! Not like flying, but surreal. I wanted it to last a bit longer.”

“I’d rather keep travelling to the jungle rather than get there. Secretly, I was worrying I didn’t know how I’m going to do this.”

They are both in the jungle now though, making up for the departure of comedian Freddie Starr earlier in the week due to illness.

Elsewhere in the Jungle, it has been reported that ITV bosses are angry with the celebrities giving out secret signals to their friends and family.

Dougie from Mcfly has already admitted he has a secret code, while Jessica Wright – sister of favourite to win the show, Mark – told everyone on Twitter that her brother had been doing a signal.

A source revealed: “The whole point of I’m A Celebrity is that contestants are cut off from the outside world in the Aussie jungle. They are banned from talking to any crew members they see and must only chat among themselves or when they are purposefully asked questions by producers.”

“So bosses were absolutely livid when they heard some of the contestants were using secret codes to communicate with people back in the UK.”

“Producers are now monitoring the situation and keeping a close eye on things and will step in if they have reason to believe it is getting out of hand.”

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