Pat Sharp rants in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle

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Life in the jungle appears to be getting to Pat Sharp as he ranted at his fellow celebrities this week.

The former TV presenter entered the jungle late, but it hasn’t stopped him getting frustrated with a few things.

On his list of things to rant about recently, he spoke about Sinitta’s inability to face the trials and Lorraine’s teddy bear that she keeps with her.

Referring to Sinitta, he said: “She looks ridiculous. She’s wimping around on this show.”

“I’m sure she lives an incredibly charmed life and goes to Barbados with Simon Cowell at Christmas but at the end of the day she should just get on with it.”

He then spoke about Lorraine, saying: “She is the nicest woman I’ve ever met. Her holding a teddy is sweet but it doesn’t work in here, she’s not four years old, she’s 60 and she wraps it up and puts it to bed.”

“I don’t get it. There is no room in here for nice a person, that’s naff, saccharine, sweet.”

“Her teddy is called Tedward, given the choice I would strangle Tedward over Jedward – that makes you realise how angry I am.”

As a result of these rants and moaning about Sinitta’s efforts in the trial, it was no surprise that Pat was voted to do the next one.

Elsewhere on I’m A Celebrity, a deadly python in the camp has left the celebrities extremely scared.

Mark Wright spotted the 1.5 metre snake near his bed and security staff were brought in to remove it safely.

Speaking about what he saw, the TOWIE star said: “Oh my God Dougie, there’s a snake eating a rat.”

“I thought it was a lizard and then I saw the snake suffocating the rat..”

Despite being too scared to sleep this week, Mark is still the bookies favourite to win the show at 2/1, followed by Dougie Poynter at 3/1.

The favourite to leave the show first meanwhile is Stephanie Powers.

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