I’m A Celebrity: Sinitta becomes second contestant to leave the jungle

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After receiving the least votes from the public, 80’s popstar Sinitta has become the second celebrity to leave the jungle.

Ant and Dec announced on ITV One last night that she would follow Stephanie Powers in leaving the show as the evictions come thick and fast.

Speaking after leaving, she said: “To leave when I’m actually starting to love it is such a great feeling.”

“I wanted what happened to happen, to face my fears and not be afraid of everything. I was starting to really love it.”

She then spoke about fellow celebrity Pat Sharp, who hasn’t proved to be the most popular man in the jungle recently.

Sinitta commented: “He wants to win, he’s not afraid of anything so when we all start fussing about stuff to him it’s like, ‘Oh come on, it’s only a bug’.

“He doesn’t really understand people’s deep-rooted fears.”

She then said how she would like Mark Wright or Crissy Rock to win the show, something which could come true as the TOWIE star is the bookie’s favourite to be crowned King of the Jungle.

Elsewhere in I’m A Celebrity, Pat Sharp’s wife has laughed off comments her husband made recently about Emily Scott and Jessica-Jane Clement.

The former radio DJ has made it clear he finds the pair attractive, but he won’t be in trouble when he gets home.

Monica Sharp said: “Pat’s been flirting with the girls in the jungle but that’s fine. I’m used to Pat flirting with girls.”

“He does it all the time. I’m not insecure about that. I’m a flirty person, too. It doesn’t annoy me. We’ve been married for 26 years, so it’s fine.”

Time is flying in the Jungle at the moment with another eviction set to take place this evening ahead of the winner being named next weekend.

Alice Langley
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