I’m A Celebrity contestant Crissy Rock delighted to have spent time with Pete Andre

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She may have become the latest celebrity to leave the jungle, but Crissy Rock was in jubilant mood as she left the show yesterday.

Not only did she enjoy her experience a great deal, she was also looking forward to returning home and seeing her friends and family.

One of the best experiences of her time in the jungle was meeting Peter Andre this week.

The Australian – who met his future ex-wife Katie Price in the 2004 version of the show – returned to the jungle for a short time this week and Krissy loved it.

Speaking about meeting the Mysterious Girl singer, she said: “If I’d gone out yesterday and missed that I would have been gutted.”

“He’s gonna give me special VIP tickets for me and my friend.”

She then revealed that she would like to see ‘good sport’ Willie Carson to win the show this weekend.

Elsewhere, Peter Andre spent lots of time with favourite to be King of the Jungle, Mark Wright.

The TOWIE star has been contemplating his on-off relationship with Lauren Goodger recently and his new jungle mate had some advice for him.

Mark said that he wasn’t sure whether he was ready to move on from Lauren, saying “my head has moved on as I want to be with someone else but my heart won’t move on.”

Peter responded: “Then I’m sorry to say it, you’re gonna hate me but you’re not ready to.”

“If she means something to you then there has got to be another way.”

“If this experience has made you clearer in the mind, then great, but it sounds to me that there’s still something there, I can’t imagine her not doing anything to make it right.”

“I loved Katie more than I loved anyone in my life, we had kids, a marriage and you never loose that. Why can’t you find a different way?”

Mark may well have some decisions to make when he leaves the Jungle, but for now he is concentrating on making it to the weekend.

The winner will be announced on Sunday evening.

Alice Langley
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