Strictly Come Dancing – Week One Review

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Last weekend saw the start of this season’s Strictly Come Dancing. With all the glitz, glamour and razor sharp put downs we have come to expect over the past 8 years, the opening episodes did not disappoint, writes Alice Langley.

Changing the format slightly this year the BBC has opted to televise the show on Friday and Saturday nights to avoid too much of a clash with its main rival X Factor.

Many are predicting this to be the best series yet, with an eclectic yet fantastic range of contestants.

Harry Judd (of McFly fame), Holly Vallance (ex Neighbour and singing superstar) and Jason Donavon (Actor, turned singer, turned Heart Fm radio presenter) have all started well with their Cha-cha’s, with many tipping Jason as the early emerging favourite to win with Harry and Holly a very close second.

As we are yet to have a non British winner could this be the year a foreigner lifts the much lusted after Glitter Ball?

At the other end of the leader board, Nancy Dell’Ollio is rock bottom with a lowly 12 points after a disastrous performance, including a very badly behaved feather boa, leaving her firm favourite to be the first to leave the show.

If by some miracle she avoids the chop, Edwina Curry and Lu-Lu are close behind both with 17 points and shaky performances that left me watching their dancing while cringing behind a cushion.

Special mention must go to both this year’s sports stars, footballer Robbie Savage and boxer Audley Harrion, who are stepping well and truly out of their comfort zones to don some lycra and diamantes and provide us with our weekend entertainment.

Audley has said he wants to perform as well on the dance floor as he did in the ring, but he may have to aim a little higher than that if you want to succeed in this show.

Robbie was a good sport with an outfit that left little to the imagination and a tan that would put even the cast of TOWIE to shame.

He may have got some criticism for his constant posing and lack of dancing, but he has the personality to get the viewers on his side so he should make it through the first few weeks at least.

Roll on Friday night and the return of the sequins. The watching public can’t wait to see what, after another week of training and spray tans, the contestants have in store for us.

Alice Langley
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