Axed Strictly Come Dancing contestant ‘baffled’ by judges’ scores

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Dan Lobb

After becoming the second act voted off Strictly Come Dancing at the weekend, Dan Lobb has revealed his belief that the judges were harsh on him when it came to marking his performance out of ten.

The Daybreak presenter scored 24 out of 40 on Saturday evening and failed to be rescued by the public vote after ending up in the bottom two with Nancy Dell’Olio.

After being booted off the show, he said: “I’m still trying to work out what the judges wanted from me and Katya and how we compared to other couples.”

“I don’t really know whether I was any better or worse than others who got higher marks.”

“The consensus each week from the pros is that the judges have been really harsh.

“It’s not natural for me to act something out but you do your best. But on the show there is theatre and pantomime and I don’t think there’s a particularly strict scoring system.”

“It did seem a bit harsh. I got every single step right and I’ve still been underscored. It’s confusing. I was disappointed to leave because I felt I was just getting into my stride.”

There is an upside to Dan leaving the show though as his lifestyle will now become a bit easier. He was training for the show and getting up at 3.30am every morning for his job on Daybreak, something which had started to take its toll.

He admitted: “You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out how many hours in the day I was doing and how tough it was.”

“I was the only person getting up at half past three and then doing a full day afterwards.”

As for who he would like to see win the show, he said his vote will be for Russell Grant who is becoming ‘the embodiment of Saturday night entertainment.’

Russell’s odds to win the show have got shorter in the last couple of weeks, that’s for sure. He is now 20/1 with some bookies, while Jason Donovan is the overwhelming favourite at 7/4.

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