Strictly Come Dancing host criticises rival show X Factor

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Strictly Come Dacing host Bruce Forsyth has criticised rival show X Factor, saying it is too ‘scripted’.

The two shows have been in a ratings battle over the last few months, with Strictly a much closer rival to the X Factor than previous years.

The BBC One show has even beaten their ITV rivals in certain weeks, leading to reports of the X Factor’s downfall.

Commenting on the X Factor, Bruce said: “Well, I think it is struggling more in the press, than I think in anything else. There is a length of time that sort of show can last.”

“Although ours is a reality show, we do have people getting up and doing something, we have got beautiful music going on, great singers, we have comedy from the judges, there is comedy from me.”

“So it has other things to offer, not just singer after singer after singer and judges making up rows between themselves – scripted, I think.”

“I wouldn’t like to say it is on its last legs as I think they will do another couple of series of it.”

“I am just thrilled that our show is getting a bigger audience than ever this year. That is what I am thrilled about.”

With this in mind, the latest viewing figures will certainly please Bruce as Strictly had 1 million viewers more than  X Factor on Saturday evening.

This is of course a trend that the BBC hope will continue over the final month of the series.

Both shows are reaching the business end of course and the betting markets are hotting up for each of them.

The favourite to win Strictly Come Dancing is Harry Judd, while the favourites to win X Factor are Little Mix.

A lot can change in a few weeks though and both are set to hit our TV screens again this weekend!

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