Alex Jones and Holly Valance leave Strictly Come Dancing

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Holly and Alex

Alex Jones and Holly Valance were voted off Strictly Come Dancing last night in a double elimination at the semi-final stage.

Harry Judd, Jason Donovan and Chelsee Healy will now compete at next weekend’s final.

As for how Alex and Holly have reacted to leaving the show so close to the end, they both appeared extremely grateful for the opportunity they have had.

The One Show host Alex said: “I’ve had an incredible time and when I’m old and grey I’ll look back at these three months and I’ll think ‘that was a brilliant time.”

“It has just been fantastic to meet all the other 13 dancers and everybody else back stage.”

“It has just been an incredible experience.”

Alex then said that she wouldn’t have deserved a place in the final, because the rest of the contestants are better dancers.

She continued: “I genuinely think everybody else was in a different league to me.”

“It is a dancing competition and I think the right three people are in the final.”

“I knew I would never walk away with the glitterball trophy as there were stronger dancers — that was very blatant for all to see.”

As for Holly, she was very emotional when speaking about her time on the show.

After it was announced she would be leaving, the Australian singer said: “I am not disappointed. I am just grateful to get this far, 11 out of 12 weeks ain’t bad, nothing to sniff at.”

“People always said I seemed really relaxed and the other girls used to say to me, ‘Why are you so chilled out?’ But I’d say, ‘Well, because this is amazing and it’s fun and wonderful and I don’t want to ruin it being scared.'”

“I’ve had an incredible adventure and I’ve got great new buddies, so I’m totally at peace with it.”

Ahead of next weekend’s final, Harry is the favourite to win at 4/11, followed by Chelsee at 11/4 and Jason at 16/1.

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