Jason Donovan ‘shouldn’t be on Strictly Come Dancing’

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Actor Dean Andrews has expressed his opinion that Jason Donovan shouldn’t be allowed on Strictly Come Dancing.

The Australian actor has made the final of the BBC One show – due to air this weekend – but Andrews thinks Donovan is too experienced to make the competition fair.

Speaking in the Metro, he said: “I have my opinions on it. I don’t think they should let in people like Jason Donovan, because he’s been in the West End for 15 years, working with the best choreographers.”

Despite this slightly negative comment, he then had something more positive to say about the other contestants.

He continued: “I loved Russell Grant, just because he was a great character.”

“If I were to pick a winner just in terms of their dancing quality I’d go for Harry Judd.”

“Plus he’s good looking, he looks great in all the clothes and he seems like a really nice boy. ”

Harry is indeed the bookies favourite to win the show, closely followed by Chelsee Healy and then the previous discussed Donovan.

He won’t please much of the British public by dancing with his top off during this weekend’s final though, saying he will let his dancing win him votes.

Referring to his gym obsession and this weekend’s final, he said: “Pre working out, I thought people who did were vain and the gym was for losers.”

“Now I work out I totally get why people do it. I’m quite obsessive so once I start I want the best body.”

“It’s become a mixture of health, enjoyment, the challenge of the gym and a vanity thing.”

“People must be thinking, ‘Put it away, mate. That guy is obsessed with himself’.”

The final of Strictly Come Dancing is this weekend from Blackpool on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Who will win? As ever, you decide!

Alice Langley
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