Jason Donovan can’t believe he is is Strictly Come Dancing final

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Jason Donovan has been speaking about how delighted he is at making the Strictly Come Dancing final.

The Australian has been one of the front runners throughout the series and is set to take part in the first part of the final at Blackpool Tower this evening.

Referring to making it this far, he said: “To be honest, I’m shocked I’m still in.”

“I proved myself wrong. Why do you think they stuck a guitar in my hand in my 1989 music video for Too Many Broken Hearts?”

“There was a good reason – I couldn’t really move.”

“All this has been a bit of a surprise to me. But I always aim high and dig deep.”

He then spoke about how hard he and dance partner Kristina Rihanoff have worked over the last few months.

Donovan continued: “She’s driven me hard – she’s focused and honest.”

“Spats? We work well together but we have our moments – doesn’t everyone?”

“It’s seven hours a day in a fluorescent lit room – just me, Kristina and a film crew – things get sorted out pretty quickly in that environment.”

“It’s difficult for Kristina sometimes. She will have an interpretation of a dance that she can see but I just keep getting wrong.”

“Mondays and Tuesdays are often difficult times and then Wednesdays the dance starts to take shape.”

Having come this far though, does Jason want to win the show?

On this, he said: “I’m ambitious and I’m in it to do the best job I can.”

“I’m not doing it for the scores – I’m doing it for the audience and the love of dance – I can take that into my professional life hopefully.”

“I set myself a challenge that as long as I made it to the Wembley show I would have surpassed my goal – and I did.”

“I’m just overjoyed. Wow.”

Donovan may have to settle for third place though as Chelsee Healy and Harry Judd are the clear favourites with the bookies ahead of tonight’s final.

Alice Langley
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