Strictly Come Dancing winner Harry Judd talks about life on the show

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Harry Judd

After winning Strictly Come Dancing at the weekend, Harry Judd has been speaking about whether he will continue dancing.

The McFly drummer has also revealed his favourite style of dancing after months of training for Strictly.

He said: “I thought I’d prefer the Latin and the more uptempo ones but I fell in love with the ballroom ones, the slower ones.”

“The Viennese Waltz and the American Smooth for me were my favourite, the slow romantic ones.”

“We spent hours every morning stretching my feet. It was quite a painful experience.”

Harry is all set for a busy 2012 having signed up for the Strictly tour as well as going on tour with McFly.

He says he is ‘100% committed to both’ and with reference to his dancing future, he added: ” Who knows? I’d like to think I someday will get dancing again.”

With reference to how hard Harry had worked during his time on the show, his professional dance partner Aliona Vilani praised his focus.

She said: “He’s the most serious young man I’ve ever met. We didn’t have a day off in four months since the day we started.”

With this in mind, perhaps he will take touring with Strictly and McFly in his stride. The future is certainly bright for the 25-year-old.

As for the 2011 runner-up, Chelsee Healy has admitted that she is already at a loss without Strictly Come Dancing in her life.

Speaking just a couple of days after her epic journey on the show was over, she said: “I don’t know what to do!”

“Strictly becomes a big part of your life and to wake up and not think about it and not to go to training – it’s really upset me.”

The actress then spoke about how proud she was about how far she progressed in the competition.

She added: “I always prepared myself that I was going to go first, that’s just me. I always think the worst.”

“I never expect, I just kind of go with it and then if I did stay on it was an amazing surprise for me.”

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