Dan Lobb and Robbie Savage already struggling on Strictly Come Dancing

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The live shows may not have started yet, but Strictly Come Dancing duo Dan Lobb and Robbie Savage are already finding their hectic training schedule extremely difficult.

The contestants are currently practicing every day in order to be ready for the first live show at the end of the month and it is taking its toll on the Daybreak presenter and former footballer.

Lobb – who was presenting on ITV in the early hours of this morning – has admitted that he is struggling to fit his training in alongside his normal work and that this is affecting the progress he is making.

He said: “There has been a lot to take in and it’s been tough. There have been moments where I felt a little bit overloaded. I’m a hard taskmaster and I’m always my own worst critic.”

His dance partner Katya Virshilas has also revealed the pair have had a few problems, but believes that the former Sky Sports News presenter can improve as time goes on.

She said: “Dan needs to trust himself more, he’s really self-conscious and he needs to learn to trust me and work hard.”

As for Savage, he has been very vocal about his training regime so far and he has revealed how he doesn’t trust his dancing ability quite yet, as well as being surprised at how tired the training is making him.

The former Derby County skipper said: “It’s surprised me how difficult it is. I’m just shattered. I trained three hours a day for football. High intensity, sprinting everywhere, making tackles, this is mentally draining. I still haven’t got it.”

Savage also admitted that his hair is getting in his eyes during the dance routines. All in all, it is a testing period for him and it will be interesting to see how Savage and Lobb perform on the first live show on Saturday 30th September.

Alice Langley
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