Strictly Come Dancing’s Alesha Dixon discusses her love life

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Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon has admitted that she hasn’t been on a date this year because she is too fussy when it comes to having a boyfriend.

The British singer – who saw her marriage with MC Harvey end back in 2006 – says that she is to blame for not settling down again since.

She said: “I’m just fussy. If I met somebody that I really liked then, yeah. I’m one of those people that, whatever the situation is, I just roll with it.”

“I’m a go-with-the-flow person. If I’m dating, then cool – if not, it’s cool. I’m fussy because somebody has to be really worth giving my heart to.”

As for her thoughts on the 2011 Strictly Come Dancing contestants, Alesha says that astrologer Russell Grant could be the dark horse in the competition.

She continued: “I’ve heard he’s a nifty little mover, so who knows? Actually he’ll know, won’t he? It’s written in the stars. Russell will know exactly what’s round the corner for him.”

Speaking of Russell Grant, he has been suffering with an injury during his Strictly training this week. He revealed yesterday: “My bloody foot [has] swelled-up again and only now has it subsided by resting it.”
“So it’s obvious it isn’t going to feel or get any better until it has time to heal. The doc has put me on painkillers and strapped my foot up.”

The latest update appears to be positive though, with the Strictly contestant saying: “Much better day all round as the anti-bios have kicked in to fight the infection.”

Looking at the Strictly Come Dancing betting ahead of the first live show at the end of the month, Russell Grant and Flavia are an outside bet at 33/1 to win the show.

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