Strictly Come Dancing’s Audley Harrison labelled ‘Shrek’ by dance partner

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Ahead of the first live show of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, Audley Harrison has been labelled ‘shrek’ by this dance Natalie Lowe, something the former boxer is not too happy about.

Harrison – who has size 17 feet and stands 6ft 6ins – is not the most natural looking dancer in the world and this has led to the nickname from Natalie over the last few weeks of intense training.

Explaining the thinking behind it, the Olympic gold medallist said: “Natalie called me Shrek – she says I’m her Shrek. Can you imagine me as Shrek? Me, pretty Audley, with my beautiful nose and smile?”

“But she meant it because I’m so clumsy, not because of the way I look, because I’m kind of heavy-footed and very clumsy.”

“So I understand the phrase but I think she could have used something a bit better. But I’ve forgiven her now. Natalie, we’re quits now – no more of that Shrek talk.”

Despite his issues with clumsiness though, Natalie believes Audley has a lot of potential to surprise people in this years’s show and to highlight his excellent personality in the process.

She said: “I think he’s got amazing natural ability so hopefully we get the opportunity to stay in as long as possible so I can create some beautiful moments with Audley because he is definitely capable of it.”

Harrison has vowed to ‘smile all the way through’ the show, not matter how well he does or how long he lasts. It seems he is determined to have a good time.

Looking at the betting for the show ahead of tonight’s performances, Audley and Natalie are the favourites to be eliminated first up, while they are as long as 100/1 to win the show.

They will hope to prove a few people wrong, starting this evening!

Alice Langley
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