X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell causes chaos in contestant’s house

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It has been widely reported that she is going to be one of the most talked about contestants ever and this is turning  out to be the case. Kitty Brucknell, who has already shown X Factor fans some of her crazy behaviour, is reportedly causing havoc in the house in which the contestants are staying.

In fact, after she has been arguing with fellow contestants, being the subject of many a complaint and getting a little too close to Frankie Cocozza, bosses of the show are considering removing her from the house.

Considering the live shows haven’t even started yet, who knows what havoc she could cause in the space of three months!

Referring to Kitty’s behaviour, a show insider said: “Kitty seemed very keen on the attention she got from Frankie.”

“They were both very touchy-feely with one another and she seemed to be really playing up to it.”

“Nobody could quite believe it really – he’s known as a ladies’ man but nobody would have predicted him hooking up with Kitty.”

Wagner Carrilho was removed from the house last year of course and Kitty could suffer the same fate before long.

Another insider commented: “In previous years we’ve struggled to control some of the rows in the house, and we’re now seriously considering moving Kitty to another location to make things easier for all concerned.”

“This week there have been a catalogue of incidents and she is a nightmare to deal with. If things don’t change we will have to take drastic action.”

One man who would be more than happy to see Kitty removed is Jonjo Kerr. Despite being in the same category, the pair have not seen eye to eye and Jonjo labelled the eccentric contestant as ‘false’ in comments made yesterday.

This year’s X Factor is certainly set to be explosive with no shortage of talking points. The first live show takes place tonight with all 16 contestants hoping to impress for the first time on a Saturday evening.

If they fail to do so, they could suffer the worst fate of all as in a twist for this year’s show, four acts will be eliminated on the first evening.

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