Amelia Lily remaining positive after X Factor exit

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She may have been booted off the X Factor on the first weekend of live shows, but Amelia Lily is still determined to make it in the music business.

On a dramatic show on Sunday, Amelia was booted out of the girls category with mentor Kelly Rowland deciding to put through the other three girls instead.

The 16-year-old was clearly devestated at the decision, breaking down in tears as Kelly revealed her decision, but having had time to reflect, she appears to be in an extremely positive frame of mind.

She said: “I’m feeling really sad as it’s an emotional thing to deal with but at the end of the day, Kelly had such a hard decision to make.”

“My category is absolutely amazing and I’m so proud of the three girls, but I’m feeling happy as well as I know this is just a stepping stone for me.”

She has received plenty of support from Kelly too. The American singer – who said on Sunday that people hadn’t seen the last of Amelia – has vowed to stick by the axed contestant.

Referring to this support, Amelia continued: “Kelly’s already said I’m going to be worldwide so I’m going to keep pushing.”

“I’m not giving up. I’m going to get into the studio, start doing my own thing. Kelly’s advised me to do that.”

“I have a lot of faith, in myself and I do believe that I can go all the way with the right people behind me and I’ve got plenty of them already and I’m happy.”

Emphasising the strength of the girls category this year, two of Kelly’s remaining three girls – Janet Devlin and Misha B – are leading the way when it comes to the winner’s betting market, while Sophie Habibis – who was preferred to Amelia – is fith favourite.

As for the next act to leave, the various betting markets suggested that it could be a battle between Nu Vibe and Rhythmix.

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