X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza: I trust Gary over song choice

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The X Factor

X Factor hopeful Frankie Cocozza is set to be under pressure on the live shows this weekend after he changed his song just hours before final rehearsals.

Frankie’s mentor Gary Barlow – for the second week in a row – has changed the song Frankie will be performing at the last minute, leaving him with under 24 hours to prepare.

Gary revealed on his Twitter page yesterday that there was a ‘last minute song change’ for Frankie, while the contestant confirmed the news by Tweeting: “My boss likes to keep me on my feet – SONG CHANGE.”

Despite the concerns over a lack of preparation time, Frankie revealed how he more than trusts his mentor and is confident he can pull off a decent performance this weekend.

He said: “Gary thought it would be funny to change my song yesterday. He just didn’t think it was working. I trust him.”

Elsewhere in X Factor news ahead of tonight’s live show, it has been reported that Kelly Rowland is far from happy with Misha B after the contestant criticised production staff and acted like a diva.

A source revealed: “Misha is out of control and Kelly just snapped. She told her that unless she packs it in, she’ll be sent packing herself.”

“Kelly is a lovely woman but when the s*** hits the fan she gets tough – and she got very tough with Misha.”

It is thought that after her poor behaviour, Kelly forced Misha to apologise to the entire X Factor crew and there is no doubt that this tension adds extra pressure ahead of tonight.

For the first time in this year’s series, the public vote will decide the bottom two acts before the judges decide which act to send home.

In terms of the favourites to be close to the chop, Nu Vibe are the favourites at 2/1, followed by Rhythmix at 4/1 and Kitty Brucknell at 5/1.

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