Misha B produces performance of the night during second X Factor live show

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X Factor hopeful Misha B was the stand out performer on the second live show of the series as she impressed the audience and judges alike with her rendition of Charles & Eddie’s Would I Lie To You.

The 19-year-old produced the performance with confidence, once again putting her own stamp on a well known song to help her stand out from the rest of the contestants.

She even walked behind the judges to sing directly in front of the audience at one point and she was clearly loving every second of her performance.

As did the four judges, all of whom had positive things to say about here.

Louis said: “Mischa, I loved the styling, I loved the staging and I loved the song choice. I loved the way you worked the whole stage. We need a new Urban Queen and I think we found her here!”

Tulisa agreed with Louis, saying: “You get better and better. I love that you reinvent yourself every week, and that was fantastic.”

Gary – who has always been a fan of the 19-year-old – continued the praise: “Mischa B, the Queen of Soul, that was amazing. It wasn’t like watching a contestant, it’s like watching a guest artist.”

Misha B’s mentor Kelly then added: “You worked hard this week. Continue to continue to continue to turn it up, okay?”

There had of course been some tension in the ranks during the week with Kelly unhappy with Misha B’s attitude towards the X Factor production crew, making her apologise for acting too much like a diva.

Her performance this week will go a long way to making this up though and will be why Kelly told her contestant to ‘continue to turn it up’ as the show progresses.

The results of the public vote will be revealed in tonight’s show with Nu Vibe favourites to get the boot.

Alice Langley
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