Mixed reports over Simon Cowell’s views on X Factor 2011

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Simon Cowell may not be a judge on the UK version of X Factor any more, but his opinion and influence on the show is still as strong as ever.

Therefore, when there are reports about his views on the show – people listen. The viewers, the contestants and the judges will all be keen to hear what Simon has to say.

However, there have been mixed reports today with the first story suggesting that the X Factor creator is furious with a ratings dip since the series began.

The show has lost two million viewers compared to this time last year and Simon isn’t happy, with reports suggesting that he isn’t happy with how the acts are being portrayed in the live shows.

A source said: “Simon is furious. This would never have happened on his watch and he wants the team to know this and sort it out.”

“He knows there is great talent on the show, but he thinks the attention to detail has been shocking. The acts are not being showcased at their best.”

“Say what you like about Simon, but he spends ages dithering over the tiny details to make sure everything is perfect. There’s no way he would have sanctioned some of those song outfits or choices.”

As for the ratings, there has been a clear dip with just 11.4 million watching Saturday’s live show, compared to the 13.7 million who watched the 2010 show at the same stage last year.

Viewers also dipped by 700,000 since last week and this has created negative headlines over what Simon thinks about the UK show.

However, on the official X Factor site, rumours of an angry Simon have been dismissed, with a close friend of the 52-year-old saying: “Simon’s really happy with the show here in the UK.”

“He has deliberately left the UK show to run without him and he absolutely trusts the team to do a great job.”

“Simon is very happy with how they are all doing and thinks all the judges are doing a fantastic job too.”

Regardless, X Factor bosses would love an upturn in ratings for next week’s live show.

Alice Langley
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