X Factor Tulisa not affected by negative comments

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If you are to be on a show as popular as the X Factor, you need to have a thick skin for criticism. Watched by millions, you are bound to have some negative feedback thrown your way from time to time.

Luckily for X Factor’s new judge Tulisa Contostavlos though, she can handle criticism in the best way possible – she has a good laugh about it.

The N Dubz singer admits that she is constantly searching for what people are saying about her online and although this used to affect her, she is growing stronger as her profile rises.

She said: “I’m trying to be as tough as possible. I’m actually training myself. The other day I went on some websites to find the worst comments possible about myself.”

“I read every single one of them. I wanted to know how I’d feel seeing and hearing people that hate me saying the most horrible things. I just kinda laughed.”

Already on the show this year, Tulisa has had to deal with an X Factor hopeful questioning her place on the panel, so she has certainly had plenty of time to adjust to the negative comments that come hand in hand with more fame and success.

However, although she may put on a positive front in the public eye, a source has revealed that Tulisa might not be coping with the extra attention quite as well as she makes out.

The source said: “Tulisa’s life has changed dramatically. She’s gone from being a trendy urban star to a major household name. It’s a big adjustment for someone her age.”

Overall though, her involvement on the X Factor has been positively receieved and her reputation as an artist, as a person and as an entertainer should grow even more in the coming weeks.

When the live shows start and she starts mentoring her contestants for their performances, that’s when we might see the best of a feisty and competitive Tulisa.

She is currently third favourite to win the show with one of her acts, behind Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow. Louis Walsh is the outsider.

Clive Montague
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