X Factor judges Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh ‘not speaking’

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X Factor judges Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh are reportedly not talking to each other after having a ‘furious bust-up’ following Saturday night’s live show.

The pair – who have never quite seem eye to eye since the American singer joined the show – had some stern words after Kelly took a disliking to Louis saying that Frankie Cocozza had ‘lost his swagger’ following a below-par performance.

The Destiny’s Child singer started speaking over the veteran judge and he was far from pleased after the show.

A source revealed: “Kelly has just waltzed in here from America and thinks she knows everything about the show.”

“The way Kelly talked down to him was unacceptable as far as he is concerned. There is no love lost behind the scenes and Louis and Kelly are not speaking off screen and haven’t since Saturday night.”

“Louis is just putting all his time into his acts and wants to make sure Kitty, Sami and Johnny have incredible performances.”

“He’s already working on their next songs and spent time with them on Sunday night as Kelly and Gary were relaxing with their singers in their dressing rooms.”

It will certainly be an interesting weekend of live shows this week. The headlines involving X Factor have been far from positive over the last couple of days and this falling out between Louis and Kelly is simply the latest negative story to be released.

Continuing on this theme, the act who caused the argument – Frankie Cocozza – has revealed that he fully expected to be in the bottom two after being handed a Coldplay song which he didn’t like.

An insider said: “He was grumpy about performing it and rightly predicted it would land him in the bottom two. But he didn’t dare go against Gary. He was upset, frustrated and worried.”

Since surviving the sing-off on Sunday, Frankie has taken to his Twitter page to say how he ‘cannot wait to smash it next week’.

The 18-year-old needn’t worry if the odds for the next elimination are to be believed though. There are four acts more likely to leave the show than Frankie.

Sami Brookes is the favourite at 3/1, followed by Jonny Robinson at 5/1, Rhythmix  at 5/1 and Louis’ third act Kittly Brucknell at 6/1.

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