Latest X Factor judges row emerges as tension builds between Tulisa and Gary

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Yesterday it was reported that Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh had fallen after Saturday night’s second live show of the series, now there appears to be tension between Gary and Tulisa.

The pair – who have always bickered in a light-hearted way – have reportedly fallen out since the weekend, with Tulisa criticising Gary for being too serious.

Although certain comments were brushed aside at the time, it is thought that Gary was far from happy with events of the weekend.

A source revealed: “The honeymoon period is well and truly over. Gary is not happy, and has not taken kindly to a few things Tulisa has said to him on the show.”

“But she thinks he has been acting far too superior, and that he has no right to.”

Tulisa has always been one to stick up for herself of course and this is one of the main reasons that she got the job as an X Factor judge.

As for what was at the centre of the fall-out, it appears to have been Gary’s views on Tulisa’s act – who were given the boot on Sunday – Nu Vibe.

The Take That singer described the group as ‘five solo artists’, a view which led to Tulisa calling him ‘mental’.

Referring to this, the source continued: “It was tense between them after filming ended. They were snappy with each other and Gary was overheard saying he didn’t appreciate being called ‘mental’ on liver television in front of millions of viewers. It seemed too personal.”

“Tulisa thinks Gary feels she is too young for her opinions to matter as much. She plans to show him she is just as knowledgeable as he is.”

So, there appears to be no love lost between the judges at the moment with the competitive nature of the show shining through.

What happens at the weekend will no doubt influence things again and with this in mind, it is worth looking at which judge is most likely to lose one of their acts.

At the moment, Sami Brookes – who is in Louis’ category – is favourite to go this weekend, followed by Jonny Robinson, Rhythmix and Kitty Brucknell.

As for the favourite to win the show, Tulisa will be pleased to see that her act, The Risk, are the current front runners.

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