Which 2011 X Factor contestant does Cher Lloyd want to work with?

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2010 X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd has revealed that she would love to work with Johnny Robinson, describing Louis’s rather eccentric act as ‘hilarious’.

Johnny has certainly added the entertainment factor to this year’s show with flamboyant outfits and witty comments to the judges, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed in the pop world.

Referring to Johnny, Cher – who made the finals of last year’s show – said: “I like Johnny. I think I’d really like to watch him in a show, just for pure entertainment.”

“I would definitely like to work with Johnny. We could recreate some eighties stuff. It would be wicked!”

“We could have like matching tin-foil suits, like the one he wore the other night. I do love him. He’s hilarious.”

As much as Cher may find Johnny entertaining, she stopped short of saying that he would win the show. Instead, she is backing one of Gary Barlow’s acts – Craig Colton.

She continued: “I’ve said Craig for a long time now. I think Craig’s brilliant. I’m not saying he’s definitely gonna win but I think he has a really good chance.”

“It’s hard to think who’s going to go out and who’s going to stay, it’s really difficult this year.”

If Johnny really is one of Cher’s favourites though, she should pick up the phone and vote for him this weekend as the 45-year-old is one of the favourites to get given the boot.

He is second most likely to leave at 5/1 according to the X Factor betting markets, while Sami Brookes is the favourite at 11/4.

Frankie Cocozza – who was originally one of the front runners to win the show – is next in line for the boot at 11/2 after he was in the bottom two last week.

Speaking of Frankie, he has been hitting the headlines for his actions away from the show this week.

Reports said that the 18-year-old enjoyed the company of FIVE women after a night out in London.

Whether this will distract him from his performance on Saturday night remains to be seen.

Tune in to find out!

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