X Factor judge ‘not bothered’ by Frankie Cocozza’s partying

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The X Factor

Despite being one of the weakest singers on the competition by his own admission, Frankie Cocozza has been one of the most talked about contestants this year.

The 18-year-old has been partying regularly, making a name for himself as somewhat as a ladies man, something he appears to be enjoying.

Despite this, his mentor Gary Barlow – who said before the live shows he would not be telling Frankie to behave – has admitted that he isn’t bothered about his act’s partying.

The Take That singer said: “As long as he puts on a good performance each week I’m not really bothered.”

“As an X Factor judge and mentor, I worry every week for all the boys not just Frankie.”

Gary then spoke about how all of the contestants are under a lot of pressure each week.

He continued: “Nerves are not easy to stop. Though sometimes nerves are good if channelled positively, just not when they ruin your performance!”

“I find it helps before I go stage to take some deep breaths. An ego charge is good too – say to yourself “I’m the man, I’m the man” over and over until it sinks in.”

Elsewhere in X Factor news, Johnny Robinson is reportedly facing allegations of benefits fraud. According to reports, he has been claiming benefits for a back problem, despite performing energetic routines on the show.

He will now face an ‘urgent reassessment’ of his condition to see if he is still entitled to the  £94.25 he has been claiming each week.

Speaking about Johnny’s back condition, a friend said: “His back is so troubling for him he prefers to sleep on the floor. He has to take heavy duty painkillers.”

This is the second time in as many years that a benefits scandal has hit X Factor. Last year eccentric contestant Wagner faced similar allegations.

Johnny will no doubt be entertaining for the X Factor viewers again this weekend though as the next round of performances hit our screens this weekend.

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