Kelly Rowland to miss X Factor this weekend

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X Factor bosses were left panicking this week as judge Kelly Rowland announced she would not be returning to the show this week.

The American singer was back home for business during the week – something which had been planned for weeks – but she has announced that illness will prevent her from returning.

She told bosses less than 24 hours before she was due on air, meaning that Nicole Scherzinger – who is due to perform on Sunday’s show – will step in as a fourth judge at the last minute.

Speaking about why she wouldn’t be available this week, Kelly said: “I’m so sick — I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I have the worst sore throat.”

“I’ve been in tears all week. It got so bad that I stopped eating and drinking and got so dehydrated the doctor put me on a drip.”

“Even now I can’t swallow anything — not even my own saliva. The doctors don’t even really know what’s wrong, either. They say whatever I have is extremely rare.”

As for what this means for her future on the show, Kelly seems insistent that she will return eventually.

Speaking about staying in touch with her acts, she said: “We chose the songs at the start of the week and I’ve been getting recordings sent to me of how they’re doing.”

“They are doing so well, they all need to step out of their comfort zone.”

“I have been telling everyone in America how talented they are. I was so excited about Halloween week, but now I can’t be there.”

Clarifying her position further, an insider said: “Kelly’s devastated she won’t be here for this weekend’s show. Her doctors aren’t permitting her to fly.”

“Kelly will return to the show as soon as she’s recovered. The girls wished her a speedy recovery.”

Kelly’s girls will now look to perform for their mentor and doing all they can to make sure they are still in the competition when she returns.

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