Sophie Habibis sent home by ill Kelly Rowland via phone on X Factor

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Sophie Habibis became the latest X Factor contestant to be given the boot last night as she was sent home by mentor Kelly Rowland.

Sophie was in the bottom two with Misha B and after a sing-off, it was left to ill judge Kelly to send Sophie home, a decision she made from America and broadcast via telephone.

Before revealing her decision, she said: “This is so hard because I know how bad you both want this. But I know that one of you wants it more and I have to be completely honest. The act that I’m sending home is Sophie.”

After Louis and Tulisa had already chosen to send Sophie home, this confirmed she would be leaving the show. Gary then revealed he too would have sent home the 19-year-old.

Earlier in the show, Frankie Cocozza was left waiting for his verdict as one of the final three acts left to be confirmed their place.

Standing next to Sophie and Misha B, the 18-year-old seemed convinced he would be in the bottom two once again and his delight when Dermot O’Leary announced his name was clear to see.

As ever with Frankie though, his off stage antics are ensuring he stays in the headlines as the weeks go by.

After Saturday night’s live show, he spoke on Xtra Factor about rumored love interest Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan, saying: “I met her… I banged her.”

He then realised his comment was inappropriate and continued: “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Frankie then continued the apology on his Twitter page, saying: “So sorry for my comment on xtra factor I really am, it just slipped out. Enjoyed every moment up on that stage.”

“Seriously sorry again.. I’m sorry for being honest and being myself.”

As for the X Factor betting after four live shows, Janet Devlin is the clear favourite to win the show at 11/4. She is followed by The Risk at 4/1 and Craig Colton at 5/1.

Then, former favourite Misha B has drifted to 6/1 after being in the bottom two.

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