Strictly Come Dancing defeats X Factor in ratings battle

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Strictly Come Dancing has surpassed the X Factor in the ratings for the first time this year.

The BBC One show pulled in 10.2 million viewers on Saturday evening, compared to 9.6 million for the ITV talent show.

Strictly had been ahead of the X Factor in previous weeks for 10-15 minute periods, but this is the first time it has been ahead on overall average audience.

This has largely been down to the decline of people watching the X Factor. They are around 2.6 million viewers down on last year.

Because this has been the first year that Simon Cowell hasn’t been a judge, there have been calls for him to return to the show.

An X Factor insider said: “The basic fact is that viewers miss Simon Cowell. The whole atmosphere that builds up on the show to the judges’ verdicts on the acts is gone.”

“Unfortunately, no matter how much he would like to, he can’t be in two places at one and he is committed to the American show at the moment.”

“But bosses are desperate for him to be involved somehow, even if it means a video-link from Los Angeles.”

“There might have been midnight calls to him to try and persuade him. What they are looking for is a way to get him back on the show.”

“He is ‘The X Factor’ after all and he has the X Factor and that is the factor that is missing.”

Whether Simon does return or not, ITV bosses will certainly hope that the show can pick up a few more viewers next week.

As for Strictly, they keep going from strength to strength with a excellent line-up providing plenty of entertainment every weekend.

The viewers turning into their preferred show over the weekend saw Nancy Dell’Olio kicked off Strictly and Sophie Habibis given the boot from X Factor.

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