Latest X Factor controversy as Kitty Brucknell’s voice is altered

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It has been a controversial year for X Factor and it is showing no signs of slowing down after bosses of the show admitted altering Kitty Brucknell’s voice.

Many viewers complained about the ‘robotic sounding’ vocals as the wannabe singer belted out Sweet Dreams in the fourth live show of the series.

Admitting that there was some alterations, an X Factor source said: “The X Factor does not use Auto-Tuning. Kitty’s track had a retro electronic style, so a robotic effect was used so that the vocals were in keeping with the track. ”

“This did not alter the pitch or tone of the vocals in any way. If Kitty had hit a wrong note viewers would have heard it.”

“This is nothing like Auto-Tuning and we do not use any effects which would materially change or mislead viewers as to the pitch or tone of the original vocal.”

“It was a robotic-echo effect in line with the track.”

Despite the criticism for this, Kitty still made it through to next week’s show with Sophie Habibis the act to leave.

Elsewhere in X Factor news, Louis Walsh has reportedly been given permission by Simon Cowell to ‘freshen up’ the judging panel.

An insider said: “Simon will do anything to turn the show around. It’s no coincidence that as soon as the new team came in the viewers fell off.”

“He thinks the only way to save he show is to get rid of some of the panel.”

“Louis and Simon are best friends. Louis is his eyes and ears in the show, Simon’s man on the ground, so he is the best-placed person to decide who gets the chop.”

One option of course will be to bring back the very popular Cheryl Cole.

The insider continued: “Louis is a businessman. If he thinks Cheryl will get the ratings back up he’ll tell Simon to give Tulisa the chop, no matter how good friends they are.”

“Cheryl was loved by the public in a way no other judge ever has been, before or since. Her comeback would guarantee a massive ratings boost.”

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