Louis Walsh takes a swipe at fellow X Factor judge Gary Barlow

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louis walsh

It has been well documented that the current X Factor judges don’t always get on and the latest to exchange verbal blows is Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow.

Following claims by Gary that Louis doesn’t really care about his acts, the veteran X Factor judge has hit back.

Joking about the Take That singer, Louis said: “Listen, I love Gary and have utmost respect for him. I’m a mentor and my role is to guide my acts.”

“The only reason Gary does extra stuff like taking his contestants running is because he needs to watch his weight. Ha, only joking!”

“Gary slagging off anyone’s style is a joke. Err, hello? Have you seen his early Take That videos. Cycling shorts and chainmail vests? I rest my case.”

“The outfits were atrocious; he was nearly naked in some of them.”

Louis then finished his comments about Gary, revealing that it ‘takes up to five people to do his hair, make-up and styling.’


Away from these squabbles between the judges, it appears that one of Gary’s acts has been in trouble for a ’12-hour booze bender’.

The contestant in question? You guessed it….Mr Frankie Cocozza.

The 18-year-old – who has a repuation for enjoying a night out or two – is reportedly in trouble with X Factor bosses for his latest bender.

A source said: “Frankie really angered producers, who have the responsibility for looking after the welfare of the contestants.”

“He was given a severe dressing down and stern words were said.”

“He has been booed by the studio audience the last few weeks, and this won’t help matters. Viewers could boot him off the show.”

In fact, according to the latest X Factor betting markets, Frankie is the favourite to bet the boot this weekend with odds of 11/10.

Kitty Brucknell is the other act most likely to leave the show.

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