X Factor judges blown away by John Wilding’s comeback

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Having reached the judges houses stage of the competition last year, John Wilding once again began his X Factor journey this weekend with an audition that had all four judges on their feet.

Wilding – who didn’t quite make the live shows last year – believed that the new judges would give him another chance and so it proved.

Singing Jennifer Hudson’s Love You I Do later, he had the audience in fine voice and the judges relieved that he had come back to the show.

Clearly fired up from John’s performance, Tulisa said: ‘John, I love people like you, people that get knocked back and they don’t take it as a negative, they use it to push themselves and better themselves. I was blown away.

Louis added:” Nobody can sing Jennifer hudson and for a guy to sing it and hit every note, that was incredible.”

Kelly continued the praise, saying: ‘You belong on a stage baby’, before Gary finished the comments off with: “Thank god you came back. Congratulations.”

The 18-year-old’s vocals appear to have come on lots in the last year or so, as has his appearance. It has since been revealed that Wilding has spent around £5000 on new teeth and a new wardrobe in order to give himself a better chance of success.

Speaking afterwards, Wilding – who suffered with depression after being booted out by Danny Minogue – admitted that his family were hesitant about him returning to the show.

He said: “My family were very cautious about me doing it this year after last year.”

“There were some days when I would just not get out of bed. I would say ‘I’m ill’ and not go to school.It was just a mixture of everything.”

“They do build you up but then it is a TV programme. If it was just a singing contest it wouldn’t need to be televised.”

We can see whether Wilding’s turnaround in fortunes continue this weekend as X Factor 2011 reaches the boot camp stage.

Clive Montague
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