Louis Walsh to quit the X Factor?

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louis walsh

Louis Walsh has dropped the biggest hint yet that he could leave the X Factor judging panel at the end of the current series.

The Irish judges – who has been on the show ever since it began – has received his fair share of criticism this year and he admits it is taking over his life.

Speaking about the show, Louis said: “It’s series eight, it’s tough. It’s no fun, there’s no fun.”

“Everyone is taking it so seriously. The other judges all want to win. It takes over your life. It really takes over your life, it’s like a soap opera 24/7.”

Referring specifically to whether he will continue on the show, he continued: “At this moment in time it’s 50/50.”

“You only live once and I want my life, I don’t want to be dealing with all these crazy people, and that’s just the judges!”

Something that would possibly cheer Louis up would be if his remaining act – Kitty Brucknell – went on to win the show.

However, he has said this won’t happen, revealing: “Kitty is high maintenance. I’m not going to win, I’m definitely not going to win. I think in the final will be a girl called Janet Devlin, Marcus and Misha B.”

This is unlikely to please Kitty too much, although he could have another act to mentor this week is Jonjo Kerr is voted back in.

Either Jonjo, Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes or James Michael will be voted back onto the show this weekend to take the place of disgraced contestant Frankie Cocozza.

Final word from Louis was on who might be the biggest diva on the X Factor judging panel.

On this subject, he said: “It’s between Kelly and Gary. I thought you had an entourage, but these people, they’re entourages have entourages! There is like twelve people.”

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