Amelia Lily determined to win X Factor

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She may have been axed from the show once, but Amelia Lily is determined not to let it happen again.

The 17-year-old returned to the X Factor last week to replace the outgoing Frankie Cocozza and took advantage of her second shot with a stunning performance.

Now, she has revealed that she is in the show to win it, even if she is perhaps feeling more pressure than ever before.

She said: “It’s kind of a lot of pressure on my shoulders. Now, I know that on Saturday I have to come out and do an even better job than last Saturday.”

“I just want to show people that I deserve to be back in the competition. I have so much to give and I still haven’t shown my full potential yet. I just hope that the public keep voting for me.”

“So you know I’m here for a reason now, I’m here to get to the finals, so come on.”

Amelia is certainly expected to get to the finals and is actually favourite to win the show with many bookmakers.

The pink-haired singer has received praise from her peers too, with fellow contestant Craig Colton saying that they are ‘really good freinds’.

He said: “I’m glad that Amelia has returned because me and her are really food friends so for me I was delighted as she is one of, if not the best, female vocalist we have in the competition.”

As for his own performances, Craig admitted that last weekend was a stressful one for him, but that he is raring to go this weekend.

He said: “Saturday for me was a bit of a stress because I was ill in the day time and I wasn’t allowed to rehearse or take part in the dress rehearsal, so when I went on stage at night time it was the first time I’d rehearsed with the band.”

“I took the time out before the show to do a real warm up of my voice, and because I wasn’t allowed to do the rehearsals I had a good couple of hours sleep to rest my voice, and luckily it was great performance.”

As far as X Factor betting goes this weekend, Misha B is the favourite to leave this weekend.

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