Has Kelly Rowland abandoned her acts again?

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Another week, another bundle of gossip from the X Factor. This time, there are reports of Kelly Rowland abandoning her acts.

The American singer has already had one week away from the show – when she was ill earlier this month – but now it is being reported that she is in Paris this week recording her own music video.

Kelly had these commitments a while ago and despite underestimating the workload of being an X Factor judge, she is hoping phone contact will be sufficient this week.

She still has three acts in the competition of course – Janet Devlin, Misha B and Amelia Lily – and it is being suggested that they are far from happy.

An X Factor source said: “Kelly’s shooting her new video in Paris and there was no other time she could do it. She has a tight schedule with her own label to adhere to and had little say in the matter.”

“Obviously she’s gutted she can’t spend more time with her artists but it couldn’t be helped.”

“But it’s fair to say the girls – Janet and Amelia Lily in particular – are less than impressed.”

“They feel like they’ve been left to go it alone and want more hands-on attention, especially when they see Tulisa being incredibly present with her group, Little Mix.”

“To them, it feels as though Kelly is prioritising her solo career over theirs.”

There are just three weeks remaining in the X Factor of course and the pressure is on more then ever before.

With this in mind, it doesn’t appear to be the best time for Kelly to be jetting off to Paris, but she will do all she can to help her acts through the week.

Another issue with Kelly of course is her argument with Tulisa. Well, although they have made up on screen, a source says that they haven’t had a meaningful converstation away from the show in over a month.

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