Gary Barlow wants Marcus Collins to duet with Stevie Wonder in X Factor Final

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gary and marcus

X Factor contestant Marcus Collins may not be guaranteed a place in the final yet, but Gary Barlow is already planning duets for the singer.

In the final weekend of the X Factor, it is a tradition for the remaining acts to duet with a star and Barlow wants Stevie Wonder to sing with Marcus.

The Take That singer was impressed with Marcus’ version of Stevie Wonder’s Lately on Saturday evening and is now attempting to make arrangements for the duet.

A source said: “Marcus has the whole of Liverpool voting to get him through to the final, but Gary thinks Stevie Wonder would give him a real push in the final to get the whole country spurring him on to victory.”

“Gary is trying to use all his contacts in the business to make it happen. Bosses would love a music legend like Stevie on the show too and would get him to do a medley of his hits at the same time.”

Another rumoured act to be performing in the X Factor final are Coldplay who have already been asked to appear in the show’s finale.

Lead singer Chris Martin said: “Sometimes the things that you’re offered split the band and that always means you end up not doing them.”

“I think half of us would love to play The X Factor and half of us say that’s a bad idea… me, Phil, Jonny would probably do anything.”

A lot could depend on which acts make it through with the semi-finals taking place next weekend.

Elsewhere in X Factor news, Janet Devlin – who was rumoured to be performing with Coldplay if she made it through – has criticised the show after being given the boot on Sunday evening.

She said: “I know I’ve been kicked off a huge TV show, but it’s not the end of life.”

“People make it out to be such a huge bloody deal, but life goes on, music never stops, music is a continuous form of expression, why does it have to stop if I get kicked off a TV show of all things?”

She also said that the show made her feel like a ‘karaoke’ singer at times.

With Janet being sent home, Marcus, Little Mix, Misha B and Amelia Lily are now fighting it out for a place in the final.

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