X Factor finalist Marcus Collins reveals his plans for after the show

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Ahead of this weekend’s X Factor final, Marcus Collins has spoken about what he plans to do after the show.

The Liverpool-born singer is one of three acts remaining going into the final weekend of X Factor 2011 and he says that not matter what happens, he will continue performing.

Speaking about his future, Marcus said: “If I don’t win the X Factor I will continue to make music and continue performing.”

As for who he expects to be announced as the winner on Sunday evening, he believes Little Mix are the favourites.

“Little Mix have got a really, really, really big fan base as there are so many people supporting them.”

“So has Amelia but I think they have had a little bit longer to build. I think there’ll be a lot of people voting for them.”

“I was a little bit worried I wouldn’t make the final but here I am. In week one if I had’ve guessed the final three, I would have said Craig, Janet and The Risk.”

“Knowing that it’s either gonna be myself, Amelia Lily or Little Mix that’s gonna win the competition is just out of this world, mind blowing, but I think we’ve all worked really hard and deserve to be in the top three.”

One person backing Marcus to win is last year’s runner-up Rebecca Ferguson who was keen to stick up for her fellow Liverpudlian.

She said: “I’ve been watching it [‘The X Factor’], I missed it last week but I’ll be definitely watching the final.”

“I want Marcus to win I’m rooting for my Liverpool boy. I know Liverpool was really rooting for me last year and it would be nice for us to have a winner, I think that would be really lovely. I’ll be voting for him.”

Rebecca then spoke of how much she valued the X Factor experience, something which has helped her write her own album today.

She continued: “I always wanted to write my own music and that’s what I was always doing before ‘The X Factor’, I always wrote and so for me it was a no brainer, it was just what I was going to do.”

“But I look back on ‘The X Factor’ with pride, and sometimes I still can’t believe it was me on it.”

“I’m pleased I did so well on the show and it gave me a fantastic platform. I’m grateful for what’s it’s done for my life.”

Alice Langley
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