Gary Barlow in trouble for mocking X Factor contestant Ceri Rees

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Gary Barlow

X Factor judge Gary Barlow has found himself in hot water over allegations that he took his mocking of hopeful Ceri Rees a little too far when she auditioned earlier this summer.

Aired on Sunday evening, Ceri was shown auditioning for a FOURTH time with her segment of the show forming the finale to the first stage of this year’s auditions.

After her performance – which was clearly awful, as it had been the last three times she had auditioned – the judges laughed and informed a shocked Ceri that she wouldn’t be making it to boot camp.

What wasn’t shown on our TV screens though was Take That singer Barlow going up on stage after Ceri’s audition and going through her handbag. He then found her passport and turned to the audience to say ‘you won’t be needing that’.

The judge expected a laugh from the audience, but instead he got a chorus of boos after people felt he went too far in mocking the 54-year-old X Factor hopeful. A member of the audience has since said that it was ‘painful to watch’.

It has also been revealed today that close friends of Ceri begged X Factor bosses not to let her audition again, knowing she would humiliate herself in front of millions. They refused to cut her from the show though, meaning they could face legal action.

An insider said: “The family accept that Ceri was not forced to go on. But the programme makers have a responsibility to ensure that contestants are mentally and physically fit enough to take part.”

This backs up the claim of singer and TV presenter Lily Allen who made her feelings on the audition clear when it was aired on Sunday evening. On her Twitter page, she said that X Factor bosses ‘shouldn’t have aired that audition, she’s clearly ill.’

Whatever you say about the X Factor, at least it gets people talking! The boot camp auditions hit our screens Saturday and Sunday night this weekend.

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