Simon Cowell promises record deals for X Factor contestants

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Simon Cowell has admitted that X Factor USA contestants Chris Rene, Astro and Josh Krajcik will all get record deals, despite not winning the show.

The trio are likely to be given the boost their career needs by Cowell’s record label Syco, although he admits that winner Melanie Amaro is the ‘priority’.

He said: “Anyone we’re genuinely not interested in, they’ll be let go.”

“There is a lot of interest in a lot of the artists. We can’t sign everyone, but there’s going to be quite a few that are going to get deals. You’re not going to let Astro go.”

“You’re not going to let Chris [Rene] go [or] let Josh go. We’d be mad. But she [Melanie Amaro] is the priority.”

On a similar note, JLS – who were runners-up in the English X Factor back in 2008 – have admitted that not winning the show was a blessing in disguise.

JLS member Aston said: “When we didn’t win The X Factor we were totally gutted. We thought we were going to win.”

“And in the hour after the result and the show ending, we got together, knocked on Simon’s dressing-room door and begged him to sign us.”

“He wouldn’t because his policy was only to sign the winner. It was devastating.”

“We had to pick ourselves up and look around the business and make our own deal with a record company.”

“Looking back, it was the best thing that could have happened.”

Marvin added: “This isn’t a band, it’s a business. It’s our business and each of us works at it 24/6. That’s the deal.”

Meanwhile, another JLS member – JB – has admitted that he is a massive fan of American popstar Rhianna.

He said: “We do see her from time to time, she’s over often.”

“She just enjoys herself but she doesn’t go crazy or anything that would cause embarrassment.”

“I’d roll around in the mud with her, I’m not going to lie.”

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