X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza faces drug use allegations

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The X Factor

He may be one of the most popular contestants of 2011 X Factor so far, but young singer Frankie Cocozza – who was put through to the judges houses stage at the weekend – has been hit with a drug use allegation.

It has been suggested that the 18-year-old has boasted about smoking drugs, something which has understandably upset ITV bosses who are now asking questions about Frankie’s involvement in the show.

In a letter to friends from Malia – where he did some bar work last summer – Frankie said: “Gonna miss you boys loads, but just think of the high grade I’m gonna be toking on.” This is thought to be a reference to smoking cannabis.

Another source close to Frankie said: “Frankie is a party animal and very open about smoking drugs and jumping into bed with girls. The things he gets up to aren’t a great example to children watching the show. He has been warned.”

However, another source suggested that the X Factor hopeful is aware of what an excellent opportunity he has to be successful and how he‘wont do anything to ruin his chances.’

There is no doubt that Frankie does have a good chance to be one of the biggest success stories of this year’s show. 13.8m people watched him progress to the final 32 at the weekend, with his Goo Goo Dolls performance going down extremely well.

He is bound to be much talked about too. In his first audition he talked about having names of girls tattoed on his backside and he has already been involved with fellow contestants in the boot camp stages of the show.

All in all, it has to be highly likely that Frankie makes it to the final 12. If he can brush aside these drug allegations, he emerges as a talented, slightly controversial, much talked about young singer – perfect for the X Factor.

Betting wise, Frankie is sixth favourite to win the show at odds of 12/1.

Clive Montague
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